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All about Nitroboost

Nitroboost is a Norfolk and Suffolk based Blackcode partner, operating nationwide, as such we offer nationally recognised remapping services from the UK's leading authority on vehicle tuning and ECU Re-mapping.

We work with fleet operators and individuals to give you the best performance your car or bike can offer you.

We also work with LCV, HGV and Agricultural operators in cost saving drives to lower total fleet fuel consumption and save on costs.


30 day money back guarantee and mechanical breakdown warranty with all of our services


Fuel Saver

Our most popular service.

Reduce your fuel consumption by up to 15% without impacting on power or usability.

This works by improving engine torque, so your vehicle requires lower engine speed to achieve the same acceleration, Saving on fuel.


Power boost

Stage one

This is the first Stage in performance upgrades for unmodified vehicles. Unlock a potential 35% power upgrade without having to modify or replace any parts.

This service increases engine torque above our fuel saver service, potentially saving even more fuel but allowing for a major increase in BHP and Torque over standard.


AD BLUE Removal

Save on costs

With an adblue removal upgrade, we can remove your vehicles reliance on additives without impacting on reliability or removing any hardware from the vehicle.


DPF, Catalytic converter and O2 sensor removal.

Unbolt and upgrade.

Modern vehicles require an ECU remap to perform correctly when emisions control devices are removed. We can offer this service as a bolt on to a power remap, or as a service in itself.


Pops, bangs and burbles

Sounds unique

Availiable as a bolt-on or standalone service, we can modify your map to make your exhaust sound unique.



Speed Limiter Removal

Some commercial vehicles come fitted with speed restriction, this can be removed with a remap.



Rally Style Launch Control with Flames

The anti-lag system (ALS) is a method of reducing turbo lag or effective compression used on turbocharged engines to minimize turbo lag on some racing or performance cars.


Just some more of the things we can offer.

  • Start/Stop Delete (Removal Of Start Stop Eco Mode)

  • Hot Start Fix (VAG Diesel Only - Fixes No Start When Hot Issue)

  • Swirl Flap Delete (Turn Off Swirl Flap Motor)

  • OPF Delete (Removal of the OPF from Exhaust - Petrol Engine)

  • Torque Monitoring Delete (Removal of the Torque Monitoring System from ECU)

  • BMW/VAG - Performance Gauges (Updated Performance clocks found in BMW and VAG Cars)

  • BMW/VAG Gearbox (Stage 1,2 and 3) (Remapped TCU Software for Faster Gear Changes and Internal Torque Limits)

  • DTC Delete (Removal Of Fault Codes From ECU Memory)

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