Increase your engine power by up to 35%

Are you looking for the most Power and Torque possible from your vehicle? Then a Power Remap is the answer for you. No matter what kind, type or size of vehicle you own or run, Nitroboost can absolutely, positively make it perform better!

Available for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles, our Power Boost service has been developed with ultimate performance and driving experience in mind. This remap will unleash the full potential of your vehicle but remain safely within the limits of what unmodified components can handle for reliable motoring.

Designed for a completely stock vehicle with no modifications, our Stage 1 Power boost will improve your vehicles Power and Torque primarily, with economy remaining the same. If you want a more noticeable Economy gain, see our Fuel Saver service.

We also offer Stage 2 and Stage 3 services.


Is you vehicle in warranty? Not a problem with Nitroboost. Your peace of mind is top of our agenda. As a measure of our commitment to strengthening our service, offering a customer warranty is completed on all software upgrades to ensure total peace of mind. The warranty provides not only a guarantee of repair in the unlikely event of a breakdown after installation but will also cover for the vehicle if customers have a dispute regarding the vehicles manufacturer warranty.

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At Nitroboost, we want you, the Customer to feel comfortable with your purchase and we want to express that in a positive way by giving a 30-day money back guarantee. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the installation of our product in your vehicle, then please notify us in writing within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will arrange to remove the product at no charge and reinstate the original factory settings. In addition to this, all software upgrades include a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.